5 common short video marketing methods

    In this mature traffic market, short videos have “emerged”, prompting a redistribution of user time and attention, creating a new wave of traffic dividends, and creating new marketing opportunities for advertisers.

    Short videos are attracting more and more attention from advertisers because of their vivid content format, simple interaction and high immersion level. As the commercialisation of short-form video continues, there are more and more possibilities for exploration and innovation in the way it is played.

    The short video platform is not only a content consumption platform, the value is not only the exposure of brand information, but also a social platform where brands fully interact with users and activate deeper interactive value.

    The core of the popular short videos lies in the “sense of participation”. Users no longer consume short videos for one-way viewing, but for two-way interaction; their hands are no longer idle, but they are constantly sliding up and down, liking and commenting, interacting and forwarding; through search, discovery, location and other functions, they actively explore what they want to do.

    For brands, through this strong interactive connection, mobilizing user engagement, enhancing brand interaction and stimulating the social fission power of users, has become an important way for brands to effectively capture users’ attention and upgrade marketing effectiveness.

    So, how can advertisers efficiently play with short videos? Is it just a new channel to send out commercials? Or are there greater possibilities?

    1, Emotional resonance customised marketing
    This way is a way commonly used by many enterprises and companies, they are mainly through some hot spots in society, with the help of these hot spots to spread, but this kind of communication is not simply short video propaganda, but with short video to trigger the user’s emotional resonance and reflection, multi-angle, deep-seated to the public to convey corporate values, improve the public’s sense of corporate identity.

    2, Scene immersion experiential marketing
    Many consumers are more concerned about the characteristics of the product, so some advertisers prefer to shape specific scenes through the characteristics of the product, to increase the fun experience of the product and stimulate users’ desire to buy. In fact, this way is to allow users to feel the benefits of the product in advance, so that everyone can recognize the advantages of the product, and then achieve the interesting delivery of the important characteristics of the product.

    3、influencer advertising implantation marketing
    This marketing model is mainly to promote with the help of the fans of the influencers, because most of the public figures of the flow is actually not very large, only those flow stars and some influencers of the flow is relatively large, fans are also relatively large, then these influencers as long as the casual release of a few video oral, patch advertising can cause fans to spread widely, but also to attract those consumers to spend, to achieve the enterprise to do marketing The purpose of the short video camp.

    4, live with goods form of marketing
    After the accumulation of fans to a certain extent is the best time for us to live with goods, most people either feel that the anchor for the welfare of everyone or a wide range of discounts or to allow users to buy some of the nature of the use of the product, so that not only can our fans to achieve the purpose of cash, but also help some businesses to solve the problem of product sales, to say the big call to expand the domestic market demand, is a very good It is a very good form of marketing.
    5, Pin spleen merchants stationed in the type of marketing
    At present, the merchants are also a big push to be stationed in ShakeYin’s PinSpleen official v. For example, look at the cartoon, vivo, Audi, Alibaba, Lenovo, Taobao, adidasneo, major beauty brands, some WeChat business small spleen. Because everyone will explore, not yet established, but so established, basically late, so to try early. This type of play is suitable for businesses with the necessary marketing and promotion budget.

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