Why WeChat Channels is different from other short video platforms?

    The WeChat Channels is different from other short video platforms and has its own unique style. When you browse the WeChat Channels in WeChat, you will find that it is like a video version of the Wechat moments. When you watch a WeChat Channels content, you can see its complete interface, including: user name, user avatar, personal certification logo or corporate certification logo, video content, video length, video coordinates positioning, title (text footnote), external links, likes logo and number, comments logo and number, and which of your friends have liked the content. In addition to this, the content of the WeChat Channels can also be searched by WeChat Search. The WeChat Channels are arranged without a timeline and you will be randomly swiped for quality content that has been launched for a longer period of time.

    Compared to Douyin 400-600 million daily active users, WeChat’s daily active users have reached over 1 billion, and it has a social traffic root that exceeds that of other short video platforms such as Douyin. In addition, the information pushed by the WeChat Channels is not limited to the user’s historical browsing history, it also pushes out quality content from multiple sources. Industry insiders say that the WeChat Channels has a high ceiling for development and is likely to become the second most important component module in WeChat’s ecology, in addition to the WeChat moments.

    Most of the quality short videos we see on Douyin or Racer require several people or even a whole team behind them to operate, and it is difficult for ordinary people to go and have a large number of fans. WeChat Channels have an advantage in this respect, as they are based on the social platform WeChat, and WeChat friends can directly like the short videos you post. If you have a large number of WeChat friends, your number of followers may not be much different from other short video platforms.

    As WeChat versions continue to be upgraded, the steps to open a WeChat Channels are becoming more and more concise. Instead of downloading a new mobile application and filling in too much personal information, people can create their own personal WeChat Channels with a few simple operations in WeChat. At the same time, Tencent is also making great efforts to improve and enhance the WeChat Channels, aiming to turn it into a high-quality content portal.

    All in all, WeChat Channels are still in the development stage, but there are high hopes for them. 2020’s epidemic has seen an explosion of short videos, and people have more time to watch and use them. There is reason to believe that as the number of users grows and operations advance, WeChat Channels will become more and more in line with the public’s tastes and become a part of building and operating private domain traffic for businesses, as it is based on WeChat – the essential mobile social application that people use in their daily lives.


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