Tiktok marketing case

    Tik Tok is one of the world’s hottest social media platforms. In the past two years, TikTok has been riding like a rocket. Among them, it has reached 30 million users in the US market. Looking at the data on downloads, TikTok has been ranked as the number one ‘most downloaded app in the world’ in the Apple Store three times in the four quarters of the 2019 list alone.

    Behind the huge user growth, TikTok has also become the focus of attention for various brands around the world. On TikTok, you can see many products, through interesting videos, channeling traffic to their brand independent sites. Today we will take a look at successful content marketing examples on TikTok

    01: Bissell

    Bissell’s ”Little Green Machine” carpet cleaning device gained notoriety earlier this year thanks to the #CleanTok community. The product with the hashtag #littlegreenmachine was not only loved by over 69 million views, but has also more than doubled its sales this year alone.

    02: Puma

    Puma is a sportswear company and almost every post carries a hashtag containing the brand name, such as #PUMAfam, #PUMAfootball.

    The video with #PUMAfootball on TikTok has already accumulated 159 million views, with images and videos of famous football players wearing Puma sneakers bringing the buzz to the topic. Another hashtag, #PUMAvault is more related to Puma products from past seasons, as well as brand news.

    The hashtag allows Puma’s marketing team to better connect with the brand’s audience, making it easy for users to quickly search for brand-related inquiries. There is no shortage of advertising budgets for Puma and the brand hashtag is an effective strategy for any company.

    03: Oreo

    The biscuit brand Oreo, I’m sure you’ve all seen them in convenience stores.

    On TikTok, they make the biscuit the protagonist. Making the biscuits talk, making funny and relevant videos. This allows them to showcase their products in every video instead of pushing them. This approach has also earned them success. that’s the power of entertainment!

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