How to Go Live On TikTok with OBS Studio?

    When you log into your TikTok and swipe up and down on the videos, you can find many TikTok users who are live streaming and their broadcasts look quite professional. You may be wondering how they do it. TikTok has created a live streaming platform for video broadcasters, allowing them to live stream and interact with their audience in real-time. While this feature is not yet available to all users, everyone can live stream on TikTok and showcase their talent by connecting their TikTok account to OBS Studio. Using OBS Studio for live streaming on TikTok will also help you to customise your live videos and improve their quality.


    What is OBS Studio?

    OBS Studio, whose full name is Open Broadcaster Software Studio, is the open-source live streaming software of choice for video creators around the world. It can record 1920 x 1080p Full HD video, capture your computer screen and send your video for playback on all popular streaming platforms. The software has many customisation options, enabling you to assist in live streaming your live events and recorded videos in high quality. OBS Studio allows you to include your camera, microphone and stored media files as various sources in your productions.

    Why Use OBS for Live Streaming on TikTok?

    Live streaming on TikTok using OBS Studio allows you to create highly engaging content with all the features of OBS, such as multiple views, studio mode and surround sound streaming. The quality of your video determines whether viewers will swipe or stay. The app doesn’t offer as many features as the coding software, but by connecting your TikTok account to the OBS studio you can stream live from your computer desktop and add a variety of stickers, filters and effects to keep your viewers staying in your live stream.

    How to Connect OBS Studio to TikTok?

    OBS Studio has setup options to help you broadcast your videos and events across many application platforms. Its open source nature also allows it to connect with other live streaming applications and websites very easily. To integrate with other platforms, you need to get an RTMP URL and a streaming key from the platform you want to stream your video to, and then feed it into OBS Studio, which runs on a PC. Although TikTok has introduced the ability to stream from a PC, this feature may not be available for all countries/devices. In this case you may have to use a third party integration on the internet to connect OBS Studio to TikTok. these programs require you to provide your TikTok credentials in order to access the RTMP URL and streaming key.

    If you would like more details on the process and information on linking to the TikTok live streaming platform via OBS Studio and the setup of OBS Studio, please feel free to contact us.

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