How should brands seize the short video marketing?

    Short video marketing is undoubtedly hot, and all major brands are rushing to the wind in a flurry of water, but in addition to the buzz, there are very few cases that have really been passed down as good stories, so how can brand owners make more effective use of this card? Below I have distilled three key points to share with you.

    1) Find a “social topic” that can trigger the user base

    Short video marketing is actually an iteration of social marketing, the core of which is an interactive social marketing model, so refusing to “talk about yourself” is the first thing that matters. If you want to launch a short video marketing campaign, you must first find a “social topic” that can trigger the user group, collect a question that the target audience really cares about, and then answer it with the rich expressive power of short video, which will get a lot of seeds for brand promotion content.

    The Amoy system, which has always been good at short-form video marketing, has once again emerged as a major player in the past Double 11 brand arena. Faced with a dazzling variety of brand promotions, tens of millions of brand information bombarded, which is real, which is fake, which is the lowest discount ever, the young people of the busy era have long been dizzy. What they need more than a list of what to buy on Double Eleven is a list of what to buy! This year, on Double 11, Tmall joined hands with Stranger to capture the social topic of shopping list from thousands of information, and launched a short video topic customised page of Tmall on Stranger’s platform, “Double 11 shopping list”, which quickly exploded on Stranger’s platform.

    2) Brand delivery “storytelling”

    No one likes to watch advertisements, but no one does not like to listen to stories, the advent of the era of content marketing than not grounded in the lofty advertising film, brands need to tell an infectious story, in short, is to sell sentiment, not to mention this word by a mobile phone manufacturers ruined, look back, tomato scrambled eggs, escape from the north which is not selling sentiment? So, by turning your brand into an element or a value proposition and incorporating a compelling story, you can capture the attention of your users, move them and get them to share your video, and your brand will continue to spread.

    In the first step of finding the topic of “Double 11 List”, Stranger invited Redditors to create original short videos on the topic, and through interesting scenario-based storytelling, richly interpreted the meaning of the topic and recreated the topic for Tmall’s Double 11 List.

    3) Using “celebrity resources” to build emotional ties

    In the short video marketing communication method, one is to find the right communication method, but also to grasp the right channel. “This interactive, bottom-up communication mode is more in line with the cognitive mode of young people, and even forms a kind of trust transmission in the circle of young people. The third keyword for a successful short video marketing campaign is to build an emotional bond between the brand and the target audience through the trust transfer of “celebrity resources”.

    In conjunction with Tmall’s Double 11 promotion node, Stranger invited various verticals of broadcasters to conduct thematic live broadcasts to promote the Double 11, such as beauty gurus sharing Double 11 shopping strategies; fashion anchors selecting the trend of the Double 11 with; sports experts recommending equipment, vertical user groups of content seeding more quickly to help brands capture the hearts and realize the inflow and spread.

    Meanwhile, on the day of Double 11, Stranger has developed customized special effects gifts and customized AR heart effects for Tmall. Customised virtual gifts fit the rewarding scenario and create an interesting interactive atmosphere. The creative implantation based on netizens’ rewarding habits, pulling netizens to actively interact with the brand, quickly enhancing the goodwill of Tmall. Creative interactive implantation of anchor gestures, high-frequency triggering in live broadcast rooms across the network, and cool special effects to strengthen memory.

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