DOUYIN Summer Branding Case Study –  How FILA Achieved Over 100 Million Exposure

    DOUYIN’s ‘trending marketing’ has always surprised brands who have made good use of it. Major brands are launching new marketing campaigns around the summer season Sport is an essential summer lifestyle and consumer spending on sports equipment modules is rising, with consumers now tending to spend more on professional sportswear and a sense of elegance in sport.

    Since June, the famous sports brand “FILA/FILA” has launched various topics around the summer season, such as #Let’s Exercise and #ShapeUpSummerElegance online, which have accumulated buzz and the related videos have received over 130 million views, triggering the summer sportswear market.

    The #PlasticitySummerElegance online topic was launched by FILA’s official account to complete the brand’s mission and attract users to participate in the brand’s tasks, i.e. using the designated sticker “Plasticity Summer Elegance” and filming fitness moments with the topic in real life to receive cash rewards. The video is easy to shoot, inspires the participating users and accurately conveys the brand’s values on exercise.

    Also on this brand topic, there was a challenge spearheaded by brand spokesperson Zhang Junning, former Chinese women’s national volleyball player @Xue Ming, and a number of head and waist bloggers for example videos.

    In order to better undertake the traffic brought by the topic heat, FILA used the “brand self broadcast number” to bring the main goods, the brand’s classic 11 models of old man shoes sales 2.81 million , the live broadcast was overlaid with multiple activities of super lucky bags, lucky bags, discounts on selected goods Germany to promote sales conversion.

    From the user’s focus, it can be seen that the overall product evaluation of Philharmonic is on the positive side, with “effect on the body”, “quality” and “appearance” being the main comments of buyers, and the reputation of bringing goods is excellent.

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